Which Exercise Equipment Burns the Most Calories?

If you are looking to lose weight you probably will have asked yourself which home exercise equipment is best?


The answer is generally the exercise equipment that allows you to burn the most calories. This means the fitness equipment you choose will need to give you cardiovascular exercise, it will need to increase your heart rate for a period of time and this will burn more calories.

Increased cardiovascular exercise will also lead to increases in the rate of your metabolism which will help continue to burn calories after you have completed the exercise. In simple terms using a treadmill will burn more calories than using a weights machine or an ab exerciser as the treadmill will make your heart rate go higher for longer.

So all things being equal, duration of exercise and intensity of workout, which exercise equipment will burn the most calories and therefore be more likely to be a useful aid to controlling your body weight?

Result from a US study conducted by the American Medical Association in 1996 showed that when tested at high intensity the exercise equipment tested achieved the following results :

  • Treadmill 700 calories/hr
  • Stair Machine 625 calories/hr
  • Rowing 600 calories/hr
  • Skiing 600 calories/hr
  • Exercise Bike 500 calories/hr

The results seem to conclude that use of a treadmill will burn more calories than other machines and that exercise bikes result in less calories burn’t than other common cardiovascular exercise machines. However, from a user point of view this does not mean you should just go out and buy a treadmill if you want to lose weight.

The best exercise equipment to burn calories and help you lose weight is going to be the exercise machine that best suits your household and lifestyle, and the machine you are going to feel is best suited to long term use for you.

According to FittDaily.com , Rowing Machine provides great cardiovascular exercise and also low on knees, so if you are suffering from Knee injury, then Rowing machine should be your first choice for losing weight.


Treadmills and rowers require large amounts of motivation to get the best results. Whilst initially you may have good intentions are you likely to continue using the machine over a long period?

An exercise bike can be more user friendly, often easier to store, cheaper to buy and one of those machines that even a beginner can use a notice an improvement with gentle use over a short period of time that then encourages you to continue and see just what can be achieved.

Machines such as stepper machines are a high intensity workout, which are not suitable for people with low levels of fitness but if you are already fit can take your fitness to the next level.


When deciding which machine to buy consider which is most likely to be the most effective at burning calories on the whole but also which is most suitable for you. Which are you going to be able to use long term?

Consider that while some machines will only exercise some parts of your body others will offer a more balanced all body workout. If you are looking to burn calories but also want to tone up the whole of your body a rower for home use may be better than a treadmill or exercise bike.

If you are looking to gently slim down and are not easily motivated get an exercise bike that you can use in front of the TV and get your heart rate up without potentially causing strains and injuries, just don’t expect to improve the definition of your shoulder muscles!